15 Feb 18

Pet Photography

Doggy Holidays

Home dog boarding is all about ensuring your pet is looked after to the same standard you do at home, no kennels and no cages, they live freely in our carers home as part of the family.  They get taken on doggy days out and receive all our carers love and attention.  Every doggy holiday is tailored to your individual dogs needs. Our furry friends deserve a holiday as well as us, so whilst you are away on your holiday, book your dog in with one of our experienced dog carers for a holiday of a lifetime. So what do they get up to on their doggy holiday – well grab a brew and check out our short video showcasing our gorgeous four legged guests having the time of their lives on holiday with us at Canine & Co Home Boarding. Enjoy!    


18 May 16

Multi-Award Winning Home Boarding Business

Canine & Co Awarded Business of the Year 2016

Canine & Co awarded Conwy Borough Council’s Digital Business of the Year at the Conwy Business Awards 2016 The Conwy Business Awards took place on Friday 6th May celebrating the many high flying business individuals and companies, who have made a real impact in the region and globally. With over 360 attendees, 110 businesses nominated and 12 awards handed out, it was an evening of celebration.  The entertainment was excellent to say the least and included baritone John Leuan Jones. Canine & Co were overwhelmed with their Business of the Year award.  “As if working with and for dogs wasn’t reward enough, this award is the cherry on the cake” said Donna, founder and owner of the Canine & Co brand. “We would like to thank all our customers, Conwy Council and of course all four legged friends, none of this is possible without you”. Founded in 2010 the brand encompasses … Continue reading


20 Jan 16

Dog Home Boarding

Why become a dog carer with Canine & Co?

Dogs need a holiday too and as demand for dog home boarding and doggy daycare is on the increase we are always on the look out for new dog carers to join our busy team of dog loving, home based dog carers. Our approved carers love to look after a guest dog in their home, making sure the dog enjoys their holiday.  At the same time the carer can supplement their income such as a pension or by earning a little bit of ‘me’ money. Benefits of being a dog carer As long as you are fit and healthy, there is no upper age limit to being a dog carer; Work from home with dogs (earnings of between £8-£30 cash per day) Dogs accepted will be to suit you, your home, location, circumstances and availability The comfort of knowing that you are part of the Canine & Co approved network of … Continue reading


13 Oct 15

Dog Devil Costume

Tips to keep dogs safe during Halloween

Halloween can be a festive and fun time for pets, children and families. We all like to join in the fun and dress up in costumes this includes our children and pets with Dog Halloween Costumes. As with our children, our pets rely on us to look after them and it is important to ensure that we follow some basic tips to keep our pet’s safe during this time.     While most of us enjoy the spine-tingling festivities associated with the spirit of Halloween, this holiday could be a frightening or dangerous experience for your pet. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your pet safe, relaxed and healthy this Halloween: 1) Trick or Treat sweets are not for pets. All forms of chocolate – especially dark chocolate can be poisonous for dogs and cats. Symptons of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased … Continue reading


21 Mar 15

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding with Canine & Co

Dog Boarding with Canine & Co. There are always going to be times when you will be away from home such as going on holiday, working away, visiting relatives or friends, and often it is not possible to take your four legged friends with you.  Even if it was possible, dogs can get stressed when visiting strange places, they prefer a routine similar to the one they are used to at home.  Traditional kennels may not be an option as this is an alien environment and being left alone in a kennel for periods of time can be a big cause of stress if they have never been used to life alone in a kennel.   If your dog was a rescue dog, then going back to a kennel – even for a holiday can be distressing for a dog going back into  an environment they came from – after-all they … Continue reading


24 Feb 15

Doggy Holiday North Wales

Dog Home Boarding V Boarding Kennels

Which would your dog prefer, given the choice – Home from Home Dog Boarding or Boarding Kennels? Our service offerings are very different and here we explore the common differences between the services when boarding your dog. Every dog owner wants to ensure that their pet is safe, happy and well looked after while they are away.  Therefore, before booking your next family holiday or business trip, it is essential to decide between dog home boarding and kennels.  Here are some of the differences to help you make an informed choice.     Accommodation With Canine & Co Home Boarding – it is a case of home sweet home.  Your dog will stay with a host family and live in comfort with them in their home, enjoying all the creature comforts they are used to in their every day life.  On the other hand, boarding kennels generally means your dogs … Continue reading


9 Dec 14

Doggy Daycare

20 Ways To Keep Your New Puppy Occupied!

If you are one of our lucky customers who’ve recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, then we send you a big Congratulations!  With a new puppy comes new responsibilities, so we’ve put together this helpful guide on how to raise a happy, well behaved dog along with the benefits of training and Doggy Daycare to help socialise your new pup. Exciting times are ahead, however it’s important to remember to raise your puppy into a healthy, happy and well-behaved dog.  This means starting as soon as you get your new family addition.  You will have already done your homework and selected the right breed to match your lifestyle and have purchased your puppy accessories which could include:- puppy harness or collar, lead, dog bed, dog bowls and a selection of puppy clothes to keep them warm (their fur isn’t as thick when they are a puppy … Continue reading


2 Dec 14


Dog Home Boarding North Wales

It is the ultimate “guilt trip look” given by your dog whilst he watches you pack to go on a well deserved holiday. But what can you do?  You need and deserve a holiday but you can’t always take your dog with you. For some this can be a stressful time, not only for your dog but for you as well.     Doggy Holidays are fast becoming a preferred avenue taken by pet owners who want to ensure their pet is not distressed or left feeling anxious in their absence.  A dog doesn’t understand why you are taking them to a boarding kennel and it is alien to him to suddenly go from the comfort of your home into a kennel for a week or so.  Whilst they receive attention, it is not the same as the full interaction they have when they are at home with you.  However, … Continue reading