21 Mar 15

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding with Canine & Co

Dog Boarding with Canine & Co.

There are always going to be times when you will be away from home such as going on holiday, working away, visiting relatives or friends, and often it is not possible to take your four legged friends with you.  Even if it was possible, dogs can get stressed when visiting strange places, they prefer a routine similar to the one they are used to at home.  Traditional kennels may not be an option as this is an alien environment and being left alone in a kennel for periods of time can be a big cause of stress if they have never been used to life alone in a kennel.   If your dog was a rescue dog, then going back to a kennel – even for a holiday can be distressing for a dog going back into  an environment they came from – after-all they don’t know it is temporary.

Dog BoardingThe great thing with dog boarding at Canine & Co is that your dog’s routine is largely unaffected, our carer’s will maintain your dog’s routine and ensure that they give your dog their very own holiday – taking them out to the beach, on woodland walks, swims in the river – there are so many beautiful, natural and tranquil areas in rural North Wales, that don’t be surprised if your dog wants to stay longer!  You can visit your dog carer prior to your holiday to reassure you that you are leaving your dog in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Leaving your dog with a friend or family may seem like a good idea as they know your dog, but you may find they are more nervous of the responsibility such as letting your dog off lead or may not be as experienced with the finer detail of dog care such as recognising early warning signs of illness or how to deal with unique canine behaviour. All our carers are insured for public liability up to £3,000,000


We have a number of dog carers on our agency and are always on the outlook for new dog carers and if you feel you can give a dog their own holiday in your home and would like to join our fantastic team – then please contact us for more information.

We place dogs with the most appropriate dog carer for example some of our carer’s have acres of land living in natural and tranquil settings, others have averaged sized gardens which are fully secure and dog friendly, all have access to beautiful walks in the countryside, the beach, woodland walks, around fields, by rivers and lakes.  With your permission, our care’s may take dogs in the car to some of these wonderful places to give your pet a good day out or a long walk/run.  We will walk your dog off lead or on lead as per your instructions.  Those that are walked off lead must have a good recall and be friendly with other dogs and people.

We like to keep your dog to a similar routine that they are used to and as such would require that you bring your dog’s regular food to keep their diet consistent along with any treats you may want him to have.  Bringing your dog’s bedding will also help your dog settle in quickly along with any of his favourite toys.  Please also remember collars/harnesses and leads.  If your dog is on medication, please write down the instructions for reference and bring along with their medication.

To make a booking with Canine & Co we ask you to complete our online booking form which is very comprehensive.  The first time a dog stays with us we ask for this form to be completed as it will give you the opportunity to tell us all about your dog, their likes and dislikes and any foibles they may have so that we can manage this when they stay. Guest dogs need to be vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms before their holiday.  If your dog is treated homoeopathically – then let us know and we can discuss beforehand.

Our dog carers never leave their guest dogs for more than a couple of hours per day (if at all), enough time to nip to do the shopping or the school run. We all have excellent relationships with local vets if required in an emergency.  Each of our carers are specially selected for their natural kindness and patience as well as their level competency.  One thing’s for sure – your dog will not be without cuddles, exercise and love staying with Canine & Co.