Dog Carers

First and foremost our dog carer’s are huge dog lovers. They have also experienced dog ownership Love Dogsthemselves and fully appreciate the position of trust and responsibility they hold.


Your dog carers are personally chosen to suit your dog’s needs and they also adhere to Canine & Co’s code of practice ensuring the highest standards of care possible. We get to know them really well and have worked with them for a great deal of time.  Our carer’s are at the heart of our business and without them we couldn’t do what we do.

Who are they?

It goes without saying, all of our hosts, without exception, are absolutely dotty about dogs. Some are actively retired people who’ve had dogs all of their lives but now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of caring for dogs on holiday. Others are younger, often with a family at home, where the addition of a visiting dog is great fun for all.

How it works

We think it’s important that our carers concentrate on looking after visiting dogs and that they are not exposed to, or distracted by a constant flow of potential customers and dogs coming and going. Our carers are also protected from sorting out insurance and paperwork, so that the enjoyment of looking after visiting dogs remains their focus. That’s why we sort this Dog Home Boardingout so our carer’s don’t have to.

Where are your Carers based?

We have dog carers based in Maerdy – Conwy, Ruthin – Denbighshire, Corwen – Denbighsire and Wrexham. However due to demand, we are undertaking a recruitment drive and hope to expand into further areas of North Wales in the near future.  If you are interested in becoming a dog carer, then please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear from you.




About Donna and Paul

The founders of Canine & Co, Donna and Paul are a husband and wife team who love animals and the great outdoors.  Paul and Donna have been together for 20 years and in that time have travelled the world (they once went round the world in 3 weeks). They’ve visited a number of Wildlife awareness centre’s in South Africa to learn about the work they do, followed up with visits to a few game reserves where animals have the right of way and Donna and Paul were merely bystander’s enjoying what came their way.  They’ve lived in the Jungles of Venezuela for a week, swam with Dolphins and even been Keeper for a day at Chester Zoo.  Knowing how ‘dotty’ they are over animals and with the lovely surroundings they live in, friends were continually asking Paul and Donna to look after their pets whilst they went on holiday.  Eventually in 2011 they walked away from corporate life and set up Canine & Co.  They have three dogs of their own (a Collie cross, a Springer and a Pug), 2 cats, 2 Pygmy goats, 9 chickens, 2 Indian Runner Ducks, 1 adopted wild duck and a Cockerel called Alan!  Donna is qualified in Pet First Aid.

Fun Fact One

Both have jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet.  They said it was the most exhilarating and scariest thing they have ever done and both said that they wouldn’t do it again (although they probably would!).

Fun Fact Two

Paul has appeared a few times on TV including being chosen to appear on a Bank TV advert, has had a recording contract and made a couple of singles in the 80’s (you won’t have heard of them!). Donna has won numerous awards throughout her career including twice winning Bank Manager of the Year.  In recent years, Donna has achieved a few awards for Canine & Co including New Business of the Year amongst other accolades (driven purely by the opportunity to wear a posh frock and drink free champagne at an awards evening if nominated!!).

Fun Fact Three

Paul & Donna have raised a lot of money for various charities by writing & performing in pantomimes for a local village hall,  as well as writing and performing in Murder Mystery events and Donna also ran the Wilmslow half marathon.

About Shelagh

Shelagh used to run her own successful Wedding Dress business and since retiring she spends her time on her other passions, Doggies and gardening.  Shelagh explains that her life would be much the poorer without the company of dogs, a winters night curled up on the sofa with her three gorgeous Beagles plus any doggie guest(s) who are staying for a holiday.  Shelagh spends a lot of her Summer days in the garden with doggie helpers who dig up plants she has just planted!  Shelagh can look down the Dee valley from her hillside garden and feels  very blessed.  Shelagh is a warm and wonderfully caring person who has a fabulous talent for making everyone (animals and people) feel special.

Fun Fact One

The first dog Shelagh had was on the day she was born, her Dad went and bought her Mum a Yorkshire terrier.  Shelagh then spent the next eight years under the kitchen table pretending she was not there, the grown ups played along with this. As an only child the dog was Shelagh’s best friend and as the child next door (horror of horrors) was a boy! she decided that her dog made a much better play mate.

Fun Fact Two

Shelagh is not adverse to sitting in a large lake (puddle) 3ft deep (3inches) attached to a Hound who wanted to chase a rabbit, she did not let go!   However the walk home was most unpleasant water slopping out of her wellies at every step.  Not helped by water draining from her jeans and undergarments (knickers). The Dog was still trying to pull Shelagh flat on her face.

Fun Fact Three

Shelagh used to own a Wedding Dress business and for her 50th birthday, her team did the following – lash a stool on to a flat bed trolley, then put a bridesmaid dress on Shelagh, the worst one they had. They then Tied her to the trolley. Took her for a ride. (The building was a four storey old Cortlands spinning mill that had been renovated for multi occupancy). So off round the offices they took her, then down to the ground floor and outside. Her first treat was half a dozen eggs cracked on her head and a three pound bag of flour poured on top, most of it stuck. Some kind person then thought what a wheeze to take Shelagh over to the engineers place, all nice and dirty, those guys were just as bad as the girls. She was then treated to light engine oil poured on top.  Yuck Yuck Yuck.  However Shelagh was prepared and had brought shampoo etc. and a clean set of clothes.  They proceeded to leave her stuck outside the building for a few hours while they got on with their work!!!

About Tanya

Tanya was born and grew up in the Welsh countryside. She adores everything about the outdoors and enjoys taking in the clean fresh air every day with her two dogs and horse.  A little bit about Tanya – well she took a gap year before university and worked in a yacht club down south (as she wanted to sail around the world and thought she might find a crewing position!).  Tanya studied at the University of Edinburgh, where she developed a taste for haggis and whiskey, hitch hiked around Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa investigating the medical situation out there.  She also played saxophone on the upper floor of a double decker bus and once grew an acre of potatoes!  Tanya returned to Wales 8 yrs ago, is scared of heights and can’t climb trees!

Fun Fact One

Tanya and her family like picnicking all year round, they have even been known to picnic under umberellas on several occasions.

Fun Fact Two

When Tanya is not running about the hills with the dogs, she works as a massage therapist/meditation tutor.

Fun Fact Three

Tanya’s poodle, Shaila, helps to look after the pet lambs in the spring. Awww.

About Manda and Jonathan

Manda and Jonathan grew up, just outside Manchester and escaped to the country in 2011. They live on a small holding with their three dogs, three cats, three ponies, three sheep (can you see a pattern?) hens, Ali the turkey and Lucy the goose.  If your dog(s) are looking for a pawfect doggy holiday in beautiful rural Wales with lots of open spaces and plenty of cuddles, then this is the place for them.

Fun Fact One

Whilst on holiday in India Manda had a shower off an elephant and they spent an ‘interesting’ night in a dung hut with some huge ants and a frog.

Fun Fact Two

Manda loves folk music and Jonathan rock, so music can be unusual in their house.


Fun Fact Three

Jonathan once saved someone from drowning, but when Manda slipped climbing from one boat to another he saved the beer she was carrying!