24 Feb 15

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Dog Home Boarding V Boarding Kennels

Which would your dog prefer, given the choice – Home from Home Dog Boarding or Boarding Kennels? Our service offerings are very different and here we explore the common differences between the services when boarding your dog.

Every dog owner wants to ensure that their pet is safe, happy and well looked after while they are away.  Therefore, before booking your next family holiday or business trip, it is essential to decide between dog home boarding and kennels.  Here are some of the differences to help you make an informed choice.

 Dog Home Boarding



With Canine & Co Home Boarding – it is a case of home sweet home.  Your dog will stay with a host family and live in comfort with them in their home, enjoying all the creature comforts they are used to in their every day life.  On the other hand, boarding kennels generally means your dogs stay in a sterile environment where harsh chemicals are used and they stay in a concrete kennel which is easy to clean out, but it is an alien environment as your dog will be locked up for a lot of their time.  Very different to curling up on the lap of a dog carer or in front of the fire in a comfy bed – as they will be with Home Boarding.

Love and Attention

In a home boarding environment, dogs receive 24 hour care and one to one attention, allowing the host family to bond with your pet and they get to know them really well. The benefits of one on one attention is immeasurable.  In the evening , your pet will be cuddled up with the family.  Whereas in a boarding kennel, due to the number of dogs staying with them, one to one love and attention is not possible and all dogs are shut up at night and left alone until morning.

Walkies and Play Time

Dog Walking



In a home environment your pet will be walked a couple of times a day or taken out for the day with the family.  In between walks there will be lots of interaction, playtime and those all important cuddles.  In a boarding kennel, dogs may be walked with a number of other dogs on a lead once a day or not at all – some kennels have a dog run which is the only exercise dogs get leading to pent up energy which may lead to destruction and stress.  With boarding kennels, even if let in a dog run they are left alone and if taken for a walk, in between this they will be left alone in their kennel with the sound of other dogs barking. This means that the home boarding option is much more healthier for a dog to be out and about in the fresh air with company in between.

Mental Stimulation

At Canine & Co Home Boarding, we provide lots of mental stimulation and interest to occupy your pet. In addition your dog carer will follow your dog’s normal routine to help keep things the same and increase your dog’s comfort.   In a boarding kennel there is little or no mental stimulation and the routine has to fit in with their schedule of feeding, walking, shutting them in for the night etc.


Canine & Co Home boarding offers home from home surroundings where a dog can come and go as he pleases in a family garden to play or curled up in front of the fire.  Boarding kennels are an un-familiar environment where a dog is confined to a small area which can cause stress in itself and a dog may well fret in such confinement. Home boarding is a happier and healthier  choice.


Home boarding with one on one attention means the dog carer can get to know your pet and will notice if they aren’t well or if something changes.  There is also less risk of disease as home boarding is more intimate and your dog is not in a confined space with many other animals.  Instead your pup will be in a home, with a few other well socialised dogs or alone – depending on your needs.  With a kennel environment the risk of disease is increased, the volume of dogs in such a confined space means dog to dog transmittable diseases are more likely to flourish in a kennel.   Where there are lots of other dogs to look after, such as a dog boarding kennel, any changes or ill-health may go un-noticed.Dog Pet Care

Behavioural Issues

In a home environment with lots of mental stimulation, your dog will not be ignored.  With a boarding kennel your dog is easily ignored and can end up barking all day. Also in a boarding kennel not all dogs will get along leading to more stress, in addition your dog is likely to become anxious or even aggressive in response to other dogs behaviour. If you have a dog that does not like or get on with other dogs then the best option would be a boarding kennel as dogs are kept in their own kennels, the same would apply if your dog has behavioural issues that can impact on other pets in a home environment.


Home Boarding cost £18.00 a day (discount available for multiple pets). Home boarding offers an all inclusive rate.   Dog Kennels cost from £10.00 – £48.00 a day depending on their add-on services.  The most expensive kennels may offer a bigger area for your dog s to stay in, even set up like a living room, but the sad fact remains that they are still left on their own for hours at a time.  Dogs are social animals and like to be with people.  Having said that, boarding kennels are the better option if your dog doesn’t mix well with other dogs and animals as they are kept separate in their own kennels.  Boarding kennels are also the best option if your dog has behavioural issues as they could have a negative impact on other dogs in a home environment causing more stress.  For sociable, well behaved dogs home boarding can actually be a more affordable alternative to kennels.  With the extra benefits and peace of mind you receive from home boarding can you afford not to choose this option.


Taking the above into account which would you or more importantly your dog prefer to stay in given the voice?  Every dog needs their own holiday too.  To book your dog their very own tailored holiday or for further information please use these links:-

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