Our Dog Carer’s Term’s & Conditions / Code of Practice

1. Canine & Co approved carers shall practice with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness and shall recognise their responsibility to their clients, clients’ pets, clients’ property, and society in general.

2. The welfare of clients’ dogs shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration.

3. All Canine & Co approved carers shall maintain professional relationships with their clients and shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek inappropriately to impose their own values on clients. Carers shall not disclose any personal or private information about their clients.

4. Canine & Co approved carers shall not unfairly or unprofessionally conduct their care in any way that would discredit the reputation of Canine & Co.

5. Canine & Co approved dog carers must not seek to attract or take business directly without going through the agency’s established booking system and must in the interest of our clients not board additional dogs from any other agency or independently whilst a Canine & Co client is staying without prior approval. This therefore requires carers to operate exclusively with Canine & Co and no other dog boarding/sitting organisation.

6. Canine & Co approved dog carers due to the exclusive booking service offered by Canine & Co and welfare of dogs staying are not be permitted to operate private paying boarding clients also.

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Doggy Holidays at Canine & Co

7. Approved carers are not permitted to speak on behalf of Canine & Co in their endorsement or commercialisation of any product, service or in the event of interview or provision of information to any member of the press or other media.

8. Approved carers must not make misleading claims or statements in advertising or otherwise.

9. Canine & Co approved carers must genuinely love dogs and have experience of owning/caring for them. Approved carers must show evidence of having knowledge of basic dog training and general care for the dogs for which they are responsible.

10. All Canine & Co carers must undergo an interview within their own home before approval and may be re-visited at any time by prior appointment. Where circumstances change (e.g house move) Canine & Co will be required to re-visit the carer.

11. Approved carers should not board more dogs than their licence allows. If an owner requests in writing, that they wish only their dog(s) are boarded and we have accepted this request, then except in the case of cross over (delivery and collection times over lapping) this must be adhered to.

12. Approved carers should not leave dogs unattended except for short periods only (2-3 hours) or as agreed with owners. In the case of an emergency an allocated key holder must have access.

13. Approved dog carers should provide clean, dry, warm, draught-free bedding space; an area for dogs to relieve themselves; food, fresh water, exercise to owners requirements and maintain the guest dogs normal routine as much as is possible. Approved carers should provide tag’s with their contact details on and attach this to all guest-dog’s collars (for the duration of the stay only) so that they may be contacted in the event of a guest-dog going missing.

14. Canine & Co approved carers must make contact and arrange to meet owners as soon as contact details have been supplied. It must be understood that all the clients must have booked with Head office prior to arrival of the dog. Full confirmation details of the client and dog care details will have been provided.

15. Approved carers must ensure dogs are walked according to owner’s instructions at all times i.e. on or off the lead allowances. They must ensure proper control at all times and dispose of excrement safely.

16. Approved carers may only transport dogs under their care with permission of the owner or in cases of emergency i.e. to visit a veterinary surgeon. Confirmed permission is given by the owner on completion of the booking form unless stated otherwise.

17. Approved carers must keep safe the provided records of all current dogs under their care for immediate reference i.e. contact details, feeding, exercise and veterinary details in case of emergency.

18. Approved carers must abide by all current Health and Safety legislation.

19. Approved carers must abide by all National and Local Laws and Byelaws.

20. Canine & Co reserves the right to re-visit any approved carer and if necessary to inspect their premises to ensure that the Code of Practice and Term’s and Conditions are being adhered to.

21. Approval will be cancelled for any breaches of the Code of Practice/Term’s and Conditions. In the event of cancellation, for any reason, the person concerned will have no rights to operate as an approved Canine & Co carer.  Failure to comply or any active attempt to ‘poach’ existing Canine & Co clients will be met with legal action.

22. Canine & Co approved carers are required to accept and abide by this code, and to abide by and observe any other rules, regulations and pronouncements of Canine & Co.


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