20 Jan 16

Dog Home Boarding

Why become a dog carer with Canine & Co?

Dogs need a holiday too and as demand for dog home boarding and doggy daycare is on the increase we are always on the look out for new dog carers to join our busy team of dog loving, home based dog carers.

Our approved carers love to look after a guest dog in their home, making sure the dog enjoys their holiday.  At the same time the carer can supplement their income such as a pension or by earning a little bit of ‘me’ money.

Doggy Holiday Canine & Co

Doggy Holidays at Canine & Co

Benefits of being a dog carer

As long as you are fit and healthy, there is no upper age limit to being a dog carer;

Work from home with dogs (earnings of between £8-£30 cash per day)

Dogs accepted will be to suit you, your home, location, circumstances and availability

The comfort of knowing that you are part of the Canine & Co approved network of dog carers with support if there is a problem

No costs or investment on your part

We arrange and pay for the required Public Liability Insurance

We arrange and pay for all the marketing, adverts and administration making life easy for you

Each guest dog provides their own food, treats, beds, bowls, leads etc so you don’t have any costs when caring for someone’s pets

Introductions to dogs before they stay so you can have your choice of dog in your home

Enjoying the company and love of a four legged friend

Total flexibility – you choose when and how often you would like to care for a dog.

Basic requirements to become a dog carer

Dog CarerOur standards for a Canine & Co approved dog carer are high, but if you can answer ‘yes’ to the basic questions below – we would be delighted to speak with you.

Are you an experienced dog lover?
Can you give a dog plenty of loving care and attention throughout the day?
Are you normally at home during the day and have no pre-school children?
Are you fit and active?
Do you have a secure and dog friendly garden?
Are you over the age of 21?
If you own your own dog is it highly sociable with other dogs?
If you want to find out more or have a chat about joining our team of dedicated and reliable approved Canine & Co dog carers please complete the dog carer application form or email us for more information at woof@canineandco.co.uk.